The 5 cold shoulders tops you need this season


I can wear ruffles and frills…only if paired with cold shoulders details. Fact.

As I’m 5ft 3″ tall (or short if you like it) and “blessed” (need to love my body as it is even if I would love to have kind of Kate Moss figure) with a mediterranean shape, I’ve always been obsessed with proportions. Consequently I don’t want to add volume when and where isn’t needed. In addition to that, I don’t like girly details. Therefore I always had an issue with ruffles and frills. If you’re like me, this season we might have a “problem” if we wish to jump into the ruffles&frills trend.

How to choose the perfect cold shoulders top

As I said we might have a problem, but we actually don’t as the cold shoulders detail comes to help us. The trick is to choose tops in which the cold shoulders detail counterbalances the frills. The cold shoulders detail takes off fabric (and volume as well) and shows some skin, this gives a rock edgy vibe that is really cool if combined with frills. I always prefer kind of fitted tops (as you can see in my pics below) instead of floaty ones as these last ones aren’t flattering on my figure.

Once our cold shoulders top design is sorted, we might choose prints and fabrics that we like the most. Therefore we can jump, again, into this season trends, as gingham, stripes, lovely pastels or (the every time Spring/Summer perfect) white. If you go to the bottom of the post you can either shop the look I’m wearing in these pictures or my selection of my favourite cold shoulders top for the coming season…or you can shop both, why not?!? 😉

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In the same way as my post, you can also shop my 5 favourite cold shoulders tops from below selection.