My fake eyelashes experience

Several years ago, I had semi-permanent fake lashes applied. The application process was long but quite easy, I was also happy about the result…up to the day in which lashes started falling down taking with them my real ones. To compensate the loss of my natural ones, I carried on applying fake lashes and so lost more of mine…up to the day I decided to stop to make my lashes grow back before was too late.

Couple of weeks ago, I decided to try again but instead of semi-permanent lashes I got myself the Natural 3D Mink Falsie from

I was a little bit “worried” about the application, but I can tell you that it is really easy. You just need appropriate glue (to be applied on the thin cotton band) and a pair of tweezers. Each set of falsies come in a rigid plastic case that is perfect as base for the glue application and then for store them in after use.

When I was selecting my lashes, I was literally willing to buy them all as the choices are so many. At the end, I decided to buy something dramatic like the London lashes and a subtle look like the Milan lashes.

You can clearly see the difference between the two from the pictures. London are longer and fuller, more appropriate in the evening, while Milan are more natural and absolutely perfect for day wear. I love how the lashes (totally obsessed with the London Lashes) make my eyes look bigger and brighter even without mascara.

I must admit that, considering that I don’t like overdoing, most of the times I do my face make up (perfect base and foundation plus a little contouring) then I add the lashes and I’m ready to go. If I’m off to parties, smoky eyes are the perfect companions for my London lashes J

I’ve used my lashes several times each pair and they still look fab. The brand says that, with proper care, lashes can be used 25 or more times…and I will definitely get new ones before these aren’t usable anymore. What about you? Are you going to get some?