How to create a flawless everyday make-up in 10 minutes

The everyday make-up can be a little bit of an hassle if you’re not a morning person, so am I. Consequently, during the years, I’ve taught myself on how to create a flawless everyday make-up as quickly as I can. Following years of practice, now I’ve got my everyday make-up routine in place. This routine might vary based on my mood or inspirations and changes seasonally.  If, during summer, I’m tanned enough to look healthy,  I prefer to keep my make-up simpler and avoid powder and bronzer.

I never thought that my everyday make-up was nothing “special”, it was something that needs to be done as brushing my teeth.  Then I posted couple of selfies on Instagram and I’ve started receiving lots of positive feed-backs and questions about that. Consequently, I decided to write this post so that I can share with you my everyday make-up routine and the products I use.

A the bottom of this post you will find all the links to directly buy the skincare and make-up products I’m talking about. Now let’s move to my everyday make-up steps.


First of all I wash my face with fresh water for an energising effect, Then I cleanse my sensitive skin with the Lancome duo (Galateis Douceur plus the Tonique). I apply these two with soft cotton or make-up remover pads for a more gentle action. I want to eliminate any residual water from my face because the water here in UK contains a lot of limescale and this isn’t good on my skin. After that I apply the moisturiser cream plus the eye contour (anti-wrinkles) cream. At last I use the pore minimiser serum.


Following Step 1, to create a good base for the foundation, I apply the primer on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin).

I tried loads of foundation brushes but I always preferred apply it by hand. Only recently I’ve started using the egg-shaped sponges and I’m finding these really useful. Because I like to change my sponge quite often (as I don’t like when it gets too dirty an you can barely handle it), I don’t think that it is worth spending a fortune on it. For example, HM ones are perfectly fit for purpose.  I use I thin layer of foundation all over my face and I add a second pass on the more critical areas.

Then I apply a tiny bit of transparent powder on the T zone, only to cover a little redness that might occur if I’m blushing (as it usually happens to me). I definitely dislike the “cakey effect”.

Straight after I create a little contouring with bronzer. In practice I draw a “3” shape on each side of my face starting from the forehead, then down to the cheek and finally just under the chin. Then a touch of bronzer on the sides of my nose (trying to minimise it) and that’s it.

Lastly, I literally “put a smile on my face” and I apply a pink blush on the apples of my cheeks. As I’m not going to use any eye shadow, I quickly apply some blush also on my eyelids just to give it a little healthy colour.


Step 3 of my everyday make-up is all about eyes. I always want to keep the focus on my eyes as I really like their colour. I also think that they are completely unnoticeable if not properly contoured. Consequently I do need to apply a black kohl all around them. Then, to create a “lived in” effect (or “day after” effect if you like it) I smudge the kohl line with a little eye shadow brush. If I want to add some more drama, as I usually do, I draw a thin black eyeliner line on top of the upper kohl line.

Finally I curl my top and bottom eyelashes and then I apply 2 layers of mascara…adding drama (again! 🙂 ).

If during the day I feel that my eyes are “suffering”, I like applying the cooling eye illuminator. Actually it helps to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. This is kind of a miracle tool 🙂



Last but not least in my everyday make-up routine are lips. Considering that I’ve added a lot of “drama” in my eyes make-up, I prefer to keep the lips simple. So I only use the Dior Lip Glow that helps reviving my lips colour plus the Dior Lips Maximiser the boosts the volume.

This was the end of my everyday make-up routine and I can definitely ensure you that once you get into practice all these phases do not require more than 10 minutes. Please don’t forget to check the bottom of the post so that you can shop all the products I normally use.

Just leave a comment or drop me a message if you wold like to read more of these beauty posts. I’m always happy to help and share.

Love xxx