The best trends from Coachella

Whether you’re heading to Coachella (or some of the other great festivals Glastonbury just to mention one 🙂 ) or not, summer definitely calls for new staples.

Here below my selection of “Coachella” inspired items perfect for festivals but also amazing to be used during all the summer, going on vacation or simply for cool off-duty  outfits. You can mix and match these items with all the basics in your wardrobe and this will give the option to renew your looks…it is cool, isn’t?

My “Coachella” lookbook is based on current trends as embroidery, gingham and sheer tulle, but I’ve also kept in mind that is “festival oriented” so I’ve preferred comfortable pieces, flat shoes (only a pair of pom pom sandals which I think are really pretty) and bold accessories.

I’ve also selected only really affordable pieces as these are really seasonal, so I don’t think that it is worth to spend a fortune on clothes that we will be using for a limited period, isn’t that really wise? 🙂

You can shop all the items in my “Coachella” lookbook by clicking on the picture and you will be directly directed to the retailer website relevant page.

Hope you’re going to love the Coachella selection and if you’ve got some comment or would you like to know more please feel free to comment below.

PS: as you can see all my website has been renewed and the SHOP page has been added. I’m going to write to you a specific post about all these news 🙂

Happy shopping lovelies and loads of love! xxx