3 perfect ways to style your white shirt

I’ve always been in love with the ‘classic’ white shirt, a little masculine, the perfect trans-seasonal item that shall not be missing in any well organised wardrobe. Well, said that I’ve got at least ten currently on rotation because, to me, nothing says spring more than a crisp white shirt.

Required characteristics are: optical white (I definitely dislike the creamy tones), perfect fitting and tailoring (that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go designer or tailor made, you just need to find the right brand for your shape and that doesn’t exclude high street), you need at least one fitted and one oversized, must be at least hip length and with (extra) long sleeves (definitely not 3/4, as if you want the sleeves shorter you can roll it up!).


Now I’m totally into the off the shoulder trend, so I wear everything like this even if it wasn’t meant to be. So, the first, and the most contemporary, way to style a white shirt is, obviously, off the shoulder.  You need an oversized shirt if you want to wear with both shoulders off. If, instead, you’re aiming to have just one shoulder off (as I did and prefer),  the shirt can be a little be more fitted. Button up only the last few buttons and show your shoulder(s) babe with some attitude.


You can shop my first styling by clicking on below pictures. 


The second way to style your white shirt is by pairing it with biker jacket and skinny jeans. In this case you definitely require an oversized shirt as it is needed to counterbalance the fitted effect of the skinny jeans and the length (short) of the jacket. Here I’ve added my Stan Smith’s as I wanted a cool yet comfortable look going out for shopping. You can add your heels if you fancy. Please also note that I’m keeping all my looks monochrome and just adding a touch of colour with the accessories.

You can shop my second styling clicking on below pictures


Last styling for our beloved white shirt is the laid-back cool that is actually one of my favourites. You can be really stylish even if you’re chilling out 🙂 So, pair your white shirt with flared trousers, a tank top and your favourite sneakers. Here I’m playing the off-the-shoulderS look, but you can either do the single shoulder or simply unbutton the first three buttons from the top to show a little cleavage. I would definitely suggest an oversized shape for the off-the-shoulder(s) options and a fitted design for the buttoned up version…as I always says, everything is in the proportions 🙂

You can shop my third styling by clicking on below pictures, scroll, choose and pick up 🙂

…and (out of the games), I find terribly chic wearing an oversized white shirt on the beach!